Schmere Glycerin and Mineral Oil

These liquid carriers can be mixed with Schmere powders and other products for wet effects and staying power. Quart size bottles.

Glycerin: 3901

​Mineral Oil: 3902

Grass Stain: 4100

Sweat Stain: 4101

Fullers Earth: 4102

Raw Umber: 4103

Burnt Umber: 4104

Schmere Dirtbags

Schmere Powder is available in bulk in five colors for the maximum versilitity of application. Two sizes available.

Schmere aging rounds are a compact and hassle-free way to instantly age the appearance of whatever fabric or leather item you apply them to. Simply apply with a sponge or rag and then seal up the tube for next time. ​

Rottenstone: 4105

Clear Blender: 4106

Black: 4107

Rotten Fuller: 4110

Reddish: 4114​

This comprehensive kit includes all four colors of Schmere Dirtbags and all ten colors of Schmere Crayons, packaged in a utilitarian clear plastic zip-up tote bag.

Ultimate Schmere Kit: 4133

Schmere Sticks Aging Crayons 

Get it Dirty The Clean way with these portable, convenient Schmere Sticks. These wide crayons make it easy to apply colors to your projects instantly! Completely washable Schmere is an essential tool for your aging needs. Ten colors available:

Schmere Aging Rounds


Fullers Earth: 4141

Rottenstone: 4151

Raw Umber: 4161

Burnt Umber: 4171

​Black: 4181

Ultimate Schmere Kit

Schmere Powder

Reddish: 4120

Fullers Earth: 4121

Rottenstone: 4122

Raw Umber: 4123

Burnt Umber: 4124​

Schmere Sticks Kit (Blender Excluded): 4132

Get it Dirty The Clean way with these Schmere Dirtbags. Four colors of Scmere Dirtbags available:

Fullers Earth: 4111

Raw Umber: 4112

Burnt Umber: 4113

Rotten Stone: 4115

Schmere Dirtbag Kit (set of 4): 4128

Black: 4125

Rotten Fuller: 4126

Clear Blender: 4127

Sweat Stain: 4129

Grass Stain: 4131


Fullers Earth: 4141

Rottenstone: 4151

Raw Umber: 4161

Burnt Umber: 4171

​Black: 4181