SUPER Stick It! Fashion Tape

Even stronger than the original, Super Stick It! also comes in two different curve shapes to help clothes lay exactly right on the body.

1/2" x 3" SUPER Stick It! (36pcs): 4005
1" x 3" SUPER Stick It! (36pcs) : 4006 

SUPER Stick It! Small Curve (36pcs): 4008

SUPER Stick It! Large Curve (36pcs): 4007
Stick It! Dots (25pcs): 4011

Stick It! Fashion Tape

Our double-sided fashion tape STICK IT! is a clear double sided hi-tack adhesive tape that can be applied directly on the body, clothing, and many other surfaces. 

1/2" x 3" Stick It! (50pcs): 4001

1" x 3" Stick It! (50pcs): 4002

1/2" x 108" Stick It! Roll: 4003
1" x 108" Stick It! Roll: 4004

Stick It! Dots (25 pcs): 4010